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t r e a t m e n t
     MinitagResearch Center of Informational Medicine "Obraz Zdorovya" is a recognized leader in developing and manufacturing electronic system for informational medicine.
     "Obraz Zdorovya" has offered to health care professional world-wide a unique apparatus "Minitag" for information-wave therapy which has no analogues.
     Minitag is a universal base for a radically new Health Technology which is based on recent developments in the space instrument-making industry and up-to-date knowledge in the region of medicine, biophysics, information science and cybernetics.
     With this Health Technology, it is possible to do what has never been possible before: to remove in a non-contact way prime causes of the disease at a cell level, to restore informational homeostasis and to achieve a stable clinical effect in all spheres of clinical use.
     Minitag is a breakthrough in medicine and a new philosophy of health which creates new opportunities for using high technologies.
     This radically new approach is based on the forth cornerstones:
     · non nocere, or do not do or cause harm
     · to maintain the integrity of natural processes in an organism
     · to contact directly a cell as the basic structural element of all organisms
     · to control biological feedback
     Specialists who performed clinical studies in Central Clinical Hospital Departments and MVD and FSB Hospitals came to a conclusion: Minitag creates absolutely new opportunities for the treatment of a veriety of ill conditions. With Minitag, the needs in expensive medications are reduced, the duration of rehabilitation period is nearly halved, side effect of drugs are reduced to minimum while their direct effect is enhanced. Also, Minitag is an ideal preventive.


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